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Personal Trainer Boston Success Stories

Winner of our Body Transformation Contest

Rick Little

Rick lost 27.1 lbs, 13.2% body fat, and 19 inches of fat in less than 12 weeks!



Rick took home the gold and over $1,000 worth of prizes with an impressive victory over some very worthy competitors! Here’s what Rick had to say about his amazing 12 week body transformation:


“Prior to my new program, my workouts had become unfocused and inefficient, my weight kept increasing, and I learned to live with back pain. When my friends started commenting on the groaning noises I made when getting off the couch – I knew something had
to change. I now feel like a new person. In addition to pretty dramatic physical changes and increases in energy, I sleep better, only crave healthy foods, think more clearly at work, and my back pain is gone. After going through this program I feel like trying new activities I previously felt too old or out of shape to do!”

-Congratulations Rick!

Rick’s Top

   * Lost 27 lbs of body fat

* Lost exactly 6 inches off waist

* Overall – lost 19″ of body fat

* Gained lean, defined muscle

* Increased energy

* Got rid of back pain

* Dropped 13.2% body fat

More Success Stories

“Steve has been my personal trainer for two years. He is excellent. I have never been in better shape, and he knows his stuff better than any trainer I have had in the past. I am a physician, and this guy knows more about orthopedics and injuries than I do! He is also the head of several gyms and trains numerous other trainers.”

-Dr. Chris Phillips

“After 1 1/2 years I have made more progress than I have on my own or with other trainers in the last 10 years. I have lost over 12 lbs, 3 inches off my waist, and decreased my body fat. Steve is fun to work with and at the same time very motivational.”

-Mark Anxil

“I went from 207 lbs. to 186 lbs. in just over four weeks! Not only did I lose 21 lbs., but my body fat went from 24.9% to 13.7%. Thanks to my new exercise routine, I no longer have to take daily medication for my high blood pressure.”

-David Gardener


-Mark Kohler


“I lost 23 lbs. following Steve’s exercise and nutrition program that was designed specifically for me. The best part is that after 14 years of smoking I finally quit!”

-Jorge Guardo

“When I started working with Steve 6 months ago, my goals were to achieve increased strength, flexibility and improve my overall general fitness level. Steve structured my workout program to include weekly sessions of upper and lower bodystrengthening and stretching in addition to cardiovascular workouts.  As a result of this program, I have seen great improvements in muscle definition, flexibility, and overall body strength. In addition, I have lost weight and am getting increased distance with my golf game!!!”

-Deb G.

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